Frequently Asked Questions

Memberships expire automatically after 365 days. The membership will not renew automatically. Please contact us for a renewal. Membership for each individual is $18 USD. There are currently 84 hosts listed.

Should I join WWOOF Peru or apply at my own country?
If you wish to WWOOF in Peru, you should join our organization, regardless of your nationality. Each WWOOF national organization deals with the hosts in its own country. WWOOF organizations have common goals but operate independently. For the full list of countries go to FULL LIST.

Persons travelling together
If you wish to WWOOF in Peru, please apply online separately-each participant will have their own profile, payment can be done together.

Wwoofing with children
Many hosts accept children, you can find this information in the host's description. Please make sure you contact host well in advance to arrange your visit.

Payment Methods
There are two payment options: credit card or paypal. You will be guided to the payment page after you have created your account (username and password has been selected). Create my wwoofer account now.

About the stay in the farm
Farms usually require a stay of one week; this information can be found in their description. If you wish to stay for a shorter period, please talk to the host to see if this is possible. Some hosts may require you to stay for a few days, as trial, before they accept you for the entire duration of your request. Previous experience in farming/agriculture is not a requirement, although it may be valuable for many hosts.

WWOOF Peru does not require you to have insurance, but we highly recommend purchasing accidental and health insurance covering you in Peru and wherever else you will be travelling. Some Host Farms may require you to provide them with proof of insurance. Please contact your health insurance provider to see if you are covered.

WWOOF Peru does not assist people in otaining a Visas or travel permits. WWOOF Peru will not issue invitations, letters or any documents to that effect.
It is the responsibility of the volunteer to obtain the correct Visa.

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